Magic trick, woo hoo!

So I found a nice little trick that someone put together and saw a good performance of it.

It’s a quickie one, a three card monte, and it took me about three minutes to figure it out. I also jotted down how the cards move, and I must say that it’s performed with a certain degree of elegance.


EDIT: The “three card monte” that I referred to before is actually not a magic trick, but typically refers to a con, trying to get you to find the queen, etc.
I tend to use the term loosely when referring to any magic trick with three cards.

Thanks to Paul again for his attention to detail.

  • Just so you know, “Three Card Monte” (to which you link on Wikipedia) is a completely different thing. This one’s based on “Color Monte” which is a commercially available magic trick rather than a con trick.

    • Thanks for the note – I’ve clarified it above.

  • Josh

    I can tell you this in advance – I am NOT going to pay three card monte with you. Ever.

    • Josh

      I mean “play”. But either of them are correct.