I think I broke something.

So it seems that I might have broken something when playing around with the design of my blog, and I think it’s related to the theme I used.

So this is an alternate theme, and I am currently open to suggestions on anything and everything, so drop me a line with your favorite style, idea or just a BOOYA!

So I hope your eyes can handle the theme for now, and we should be back to our regulalry scheduled programming… err… site view as soon as I get it sorted out.

  • Josh


    • Thanks.
      That was extremely unexpected.

  • MOM

    I think it’s very neat, uncluttered looking. It certainly doesn’t look “broken”.

    • It was broken – and I finally figured out why. Something was wrong with the default theme and I use my own theme instead.

  • Barak

    BOOYA! from me too.