Another week, come and gone…

Well, there went another week.

I’ve seen so many different job placement agencies this past week, it’s depressing. I HAVE to get a job!

I’ve updated my resume on’s website, and I’m currently searching for a job in Ney York City. Yes, I’d hate to leave, but the options here are not appealing.

I figure with me being unemployed now, and tons of time on my hands, I’ll go and get my eyes fixed, FINALLY! I’m really edgy about calling a doc, and getting the ball rolling, it’s not a simple thing. I need corrective aggressive surgey, and that freaks the hell out of me. I have to call Sunday, or else I’ll never call.

Sitting in front of a huge screen all hours of the day doesn’t help either.

Yesterday, there was a massive dirt storm in Jerusalem, and I’m sure in other places in the country, and there was some rain, so it rained mud. Ick. I walked ALL over the city, and traversed over 15km in about 2 hours. It was nice, to some extent.

I have to get into shape, loosen up and lose some weight. It’s getting to be an annoyance. So, I’ll probably be doing tons of stretching excersises and sit-ups, and spending a couple of hours on the roof every day to grab a tan.

Hopefully next time anyone sees me, I’ll have changed a bit.

Mike, the international man of disguisey. What a concept.

I’m heading out to my folks for the weekend, where I’ll be cut off from the world (haredim!).