It’s been a long time…

… since I’ve sat down to seriously write.
I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because I no longer have the leisure that I used to at work, now that I have oh-so-much-more work to do (somewhat voluntarily 🙁 ).
Now I’m home, after a decidedly odd weekend, with this damned cold that won’t leave me!
Leave, cold! Go away! Yer nae welcome ’round thi’ boddie!
See? Now it has me speaking in tongues again. And why would I speak in tongues, anyways? I’m a habitual vegetarian, after all…..
In any case, I just finished a whole lot of garlic soup (courtesy of mother, delivered by father) and I should get some sleep before work tomorrow.
G’night, universe.
(as if it cares…)