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If being madly attracted to women makes someone a lesbian, then I’m definitely one of the biggest ones out there.
Random line from an email I wrote.

My last post was intended to be the first part of a multi-part-post, but due to Purim madness, it never got around to being completed.
I was pretty bombed.

Here’s a link to the Baron Munchausen game (Purim.Con at the Booj’s): Outside link to Baron Game pix (comments in Hebrew)

Last Friday:
My lady had her actors working late (as usual) on Thursday night, and set them loose at around 11:30pm.
Next morning schedule, 8:00am sharp, everyone!
So little ol’ me, who’s been up working on setting a good friend up with the graphic software she needs, as opposed to the graphic software she had, on her laptop, ill about 2:00am, AND then the clock switched one hour ahead…..
So these poor actors only get a few hors of sleep at best.
So I figure I’d get up nice and early, collect some previously laid-out provisions, and head to a bakery near the theater. Purchase a ton of goodies, and go to the theater, set up a coffee, tea and pastry corner right outside the theater, and then the actors come a’running.
I am told that they were immeasurably pleased, and come on, most of them are friends of mine, and I figured it’d be easier on Shannon if her actors were awake and in good spirits.
So I left the theater, went downtown for some shopping and crap, got a nice haircut on the way, headed back when rehearsals were almost over, and made a stop along the way to get her a nice little bouquet of purple Kalaniyot.
So I arrive at the theater, listen to a few lines and clean up the coffee station (the pastries had mysteriously been all munched away) and await her exit.
The look on her face is so precious, that makes me feel. I’m a seriously feeling-repressed kind of person and she makes me feel. Or maybe it’s not her making me feel, just myself feeling good doing something for someone else.

I sell myself far too short, and by far my own biggest critic. I have trouble accepting gratitude for something I’ve done, but my oversized screwed-up ego will gladly take credit for something that I had nothing to do with, i.e. the rising of the sun.