This is because everyone else is doing it…

From this list, choose whatever fit me, and answer in the comments. Then post
the list in your own LJ and see what people think of you.
1. Dominant or submissive
2. Logical or intuitive
3. Social or loner
4. Kinky or vanilla
5. Cute or sophisticated
6. Kitten or puppy
7. Warm flannel sheets or sleek satin
8. Leader or follower
9. Quiet or talkative
10. Spontaneous or planned
11. Teddy bear or porcelain doll
12. Hiking or window shopping
13. Tequila or vodka
14. Top or bottom
15. Bare foot or shoes
16. Jeans or slacks
17. Tender or rough
18. Aware or dreamy
19. Nerd or geek
is a meme going around that you probably have seen. Feel free to answer it.