So I’m sitting here, now having previously dealt with the music meme thingie.
I also took the MIT questionnaire, so apparently….

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Come to think of it, that’s not the first time I’ve broken a law…..

This past week has been fairly interesting, ending up as follows:
Wednesday, I had a personal victory at work, when my boss’s manager asked me to look into a Windows server solution for our web site, as they have strategic plans for the future. For the past two weeks, I’ve been investing time and effort in getting all the information down for a RH Linux server. Needless to say, I was a little pissed off.
So I spent the rest of the day investigating a Windows solution, including the time and effort it would take to migrate etc… and finally informed the manager with my findings, as well as my professional recommendation. He told me to forget the Windows solution for now, and proceed as planned. Yay!
Wednesday night, the opening of Hebrew Book Week, there was a mass happening in the German Colony – Emek Refa’im to be exact – where it was pretty much cordoned off, and many restaurant booths and other merchandise was available, as well as artistic stuff and more. I sat with a friend at a outside wine bar, and met a friend of his whom he had known forever, and struck up some conversation. My friend was nice enough to leave us alone for a bit, and I thought we hit it off quite well, (despite? thanks to?) the amount of wine she had drank was enough to intoxicate her a bit. As she left, she mentioned that my friend has her number, and I asked her if she’d mind me calling her. She was amiable to the offer, and I felt pretty elated.
Thursday was another exciting day at the grind, where I got to play with many more fun gadgets and boy, some of them are real zingers.
I left work early, and rushed back to Jerusalem for Bidyon, where I got to meet up with all the awesomely weird folks some call “fen”. I call them “those weird people who I happen to know”. 🙂
I sat out the first round, as I had finished my main part of getting things up and running smoothly and on time, and still had work to finish from earlier. So I wandered around while on my phone(s), and met people outside where we chatted and enjoyed the company. I also made a valuable business connection, so it really paid off.
While roving the area, I called the lady I’d met the previous night, and asked her out. She kind of snubbed me, although I don’t think she meant to. So she has my number now, and if she wants to call, then she’ll call. Oh well. NEXT!
During the break between rounds, everyone came outside to look for refreshments and discussion. Lucky for me, was there, and we got to have a good time talking and laughing while surrounded by Kenny’s and other people. On the way back, we stopped at an author‘s booth and had fun chatting there too.
For the record, I explained to that the theory of the universe having 9/10 missing mass is actually all made up by my ego. She disputed this and we have to have some sort of measurement made. We also have to measure who has a dirtier mind, because she says that she’s got one worse than my own. Huh. Good luck, missy. 🙂
Back into the second round, I sat with Didi, whom I had previously made fun of for having an Anglo-female name, and we had a great time listening and commenting amongst ourselves on the subject matter. The moderator was very passionate about the subject, and the speakers were great. Michal Regev, Dr. Raz Dekel, Guy Viner, and Joe Brown. All good speakers, and all deserve their own slots to speak at length on these subjects. Didi and I still had fun ridiculing some remarks, and appreciating others.
After it was over, we headed back to my place to relax.
Friday was a bit busy, as I went by the bike shop, and am putting the bike in for the day for maintenance tomorrow. Went shopping too, and made delicious burritos with refried beans, veggies and cheeses for dinner. Yummy.
Today was a nice relaxed morning. Early afternoon, I went to the Palmahim beach to catch some sun and waves. It was beautiful and I have a slight tan. Just a touch really.

Behind the cut are some thumbnails of pictures from .

The first thing you see when arriving is Rami and more manning the tables, selling tickets, memberships and merchandise.

Here we can see Doron, Hagit, Joe and Vered. Joe is apperently hiding behind his book so we don’t see his real face. Boojie is lovely as ever, all decked out in her signature purple colors, with the trademarked blue highlight.

Here we have Keren, the Con Manager, behind the podium for her opening speech. Didi, of Internet fame. Next is Shlamko taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. How original. Last, is Rivka and myself schmoozing outside, taking my details, probably for some strange future usage.

So in the early stages of crowding, it wasn’t so crowded, but as time passed, more and more people showed up, and then starting playing around, as crowds are so prone to do. Apparently, some members were not concentrating on the event itself, preferring to kick back and chat, catch some Z’s etc.

From the second round, the panelists. Next is Gali Golan and Michal Regev, followed by Joe brown and Guy Viner. Apparently, Keren was happy (or scary?) as she gave me one seriously frightening smile. She kept on going on about how she wished she had her sword with her….

And you can see Didi’s pictures of Bidyon 2005 here.