You thought I was gone, but…..

It’s been a while since my last serious post.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working myself harder than I should be, either it be working 11- or 12-hour days, stressing out about stuff way beyond my control, or just being under pressure from many different directions.
For those of you geekily inclined, here’s a quick rundown of the systems literally dumped into my hands upon arrival:

  1. Web Server (Including email via POP3, SMTP) is a shared hosted server on Solaris 5.8 (ancient!) and is limited to 2GB of space, and 80 concurrent processes.
    Marketing uses it for their email blasts – using sendmail, which operates one process/thread at a time – try sending 10k emails with that. The traffic that comes to the site kills it every day, sometimes more than once.
  2. Internal server – Domain controller is a crappy, souped up desktop, running Win2K along with the fileserver, Visual SourceSafe and general dumping ground.
  3. Internet line – the entire office is running off a 1.5MB ADSL line – precisely the same as what I have at home.

Now, for the past couple of months, I’ve been working up proposals to get all of this straightened out, i.e replacing the Web server with a dedicated RedHat machine, and replacing the internal server with 3 IBM monsters.

I’ve put a lot of time, and many meetings into each of these proposals, and we’ve gone round and round with suggestions, recommendations and whatnot to try to come to some sort of general structure of how a proposal should be presented. I’ve never done this, dammit. So, back to the MS Word, I go, again and again, calling suppliers, driving them nuts, and getting back data for my proposals.
So I’ve been putting in the time, and trying to maximize everything into a short period of time, which doesn’t work, along with the day-to-day problems of “my computer doesn’t work” and “can you get me this software?” and other PEBCAK issues.
It’s a struggle. On Monday, I came home earlier than I have in about a month, because I just couldn’t take it anymore.
Nobody said it would be easy. I like a good challenge. But they’re making it really challenging for me.

On a personal side, I am still trying to get over Shannon. I realized this at some point a couple of weeks ago, and have no clue as to when and how that’ll take place.
To all single women out there I’m on the market! (Maybe this’ll have some interesting effect.)

On the whole, life could be better, but I’m not exactly sure how to make that happen.

It also seems that I’ve been found by . Do I know you?

Good night everyone, I hope you can find happiness. I’m still looking.