Kill switch, galore!

Last night, Dan and I installed a nice little electronic switch in the theater’s intercom.
The intercom has been located under a curtained off corner, that usually contains lots of set parts, walls, etc in a large mess, and lucky for all of us, the intercom is in the farthest corner from civilization.
With the use of some CAT-5 STP cable, two screwdrivers, a razor, a cutter, soldering iron and solder, and a little electric tape, the intercom has been relocated closer to reality, and has had a small switch added to the top of it.
Through rigorous testing (and using another intercom as reference), we managed to pipe the only circuit that causes the loud buzzer to ring when someone at the gate presses the button through a simple on/off switch. This is primarily to prevent the buzzer being sounded during a performance (which has happened quite a few times before) and driving everyone mad. The intercom retains all of its other functions even when the kill switch is off. Just the buzzer is gone.
Fun and rejoicement resound through the hills of Avalon.