Do you believe in the power of monkey cheese?

Today has been a pretty active day for me.

It started off with the nice morning Central park scoot – thanks to NYCKickScooters (see a quickie video at the bottom of this post!) and the folks at Xootr (the Mg is awesome!) – and we did the regular loop of about 6.1 miles (or about 10km!).

As if that wasn’t enough, I left the group and stayed in Central park – right off Terrace Drive, there’s a clearing that bands play in and skaters of all kinds congregate to practice and show off. Some young punk band was there filming a video clip of themselves playing “music” on the stage – and they were pretty bad.

After hanging around for a bit, I decided to head south, but find some lunch first. So after going up and down a few streets, I found my lovely Subway chain store and got my healthy meal.

I headed out to the West End Highway, where I found a nice little park to sit and eat my sandwich. The weather was beautiful. A little hot, but nice.

There’s a nice little bike lane that runs down from Riverside Park, and it was populated by anyone on some sort of wheels, so I decided to add mine, telling myself “when I get tired, I’ll just hop onto a train”.

After a while I decided that the train wouldn’t cut it, so I kept on, taking the scenic view, seeing and finding things I had no idea were here. There’s so much color and life here, all slightly hidden, but there for those who seek it out.

Anyways, by my calculations that was about 7 miles from the Park to home – about 11km. So in total I scooted over 20 kilometers in one day! (Not all at once, and there WERE breaks involved…)

I’m feeling pretty good, so I’m going to grab some food and head out to see the Gotham Girls Roller Derby tonight – go Brooklyn Bombshells!

Here’s the aforementioned scooter video: