It starts now

So today started like most days, and I woke up.

Nothing too spectacular about that particular aspect of the daily ritual, other than the fact that it seems to happen wth some regularity, and to a certain degree of predictability as well..

Lazily lounged around, watched some recorded American Chopper and laughed at the destructiveness of a couple of people that get fairly angry in each other’s proximity. Finally got up and did some morning things.

Went out and got a new mouse that I wanted – nice little thing, and it does the job.

Beat the lunch crowd by a few minutes to the local diner, and got my late brunch, and sat downa nd relaxed for a bit.

Tried to reach a friend on Skype, but I guess the wireless spot I was connected to crapped out on me. Oh well.

So now I’m off to find the Astor Place Hair place – I hear good things about it. I need a hair cut as well as a good shave, so I figure I’ll sit down, close my eyes and let them go to town.

Wish me luck.