I’m driving a truck with my high heels on!

First off, let me open by thanking you all for writing back with your thoughts, comments and methods of weight loss and lifestyles.

It’s been very insightful, having people write here on the site, as well as comments on Facebook, as well as direct emails. I’ll look into all of these, and probably make up my own combination, as long as it makes sense to me.

In more exciting news, I took my New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Road Test, and guess what? I passed!

For the first time in my life, I am a licensed driver of a four-wheeled vehicle class, and the only thing I want to do isnow apply for a motorcycle license. It’s a little backwards here – you have to get the Class D (automobile) before you can add the Class M (vroom! vroom!) to it

As they say in Hebrew: Cow, Cow. (Laugh now if you get the joke.) I must say that my uncle is pretty awesome for taking the time to teach me how to drive, and let me drive him around when we could, and not shout in my ear, “What do you think you’re doing!?!?!?!” as I have heard from other’s experiences with driving instructors that are less-than-forgiving about anything at all. Also, a shout out goes to my extended cousins in CT – for always showing me a good time when I come up there, and letting me practice driving around more with their car as well, so while I am now fairly comfortable behind the wheel, I am also aware of the danger that lies ahead.

So now that I have that squared away, anyone need a driver? 🙂