Feeling a little cold?

So after I got my hair cut, I decided to join the No Pants 2k8 subway ride. I didn’t initially think I’d do it, but timing was right, and I figured, what the hell. I’ve participated in other ImprovEverywhere events, and this one seemed like it’d be fun, but I was a little concerned about the over-publicity of what is supposed to be a prank. Last time I did one and didn’t write about it, Devo found me and posted about it. I wondered how long it would take to be found, and it wasn’t long at all.

So I headed to Foley Square, where I joined up with some one thousand people, where we waited around, talked a bit, and I ran into two colleagues from work (is that supposed to be embarrassing?), and we stuck more or less together and got on the same train (6 train from Brooklyn Bridge, car #1) – but we kinda split in the car and got lost soon into the event.

Little did I know that this would lead to a large group of people sitting around, itching with anticipation, and the subway car had to be the quietest place on earth – as we were directed to not interact. so sitting here, waiting for the doors to close and the train to get underway, you could feel the anticipation in the air, so thick, you could slice it with a knife.

This goes on for a bit, so it’s cut here. Continue, at your own peril! Continue reading Feeling a little cold?

It starts now

So today started like most days, and I woke up.

Nothing too spectacular about that particular aspect of the daily ritual, other than the fact that it seems to happen wth some regularity, and to a certain degree of predictability as well..

Lazily lounged around, watched some recorded American Chopper and laughed at the destructiveness of a couple of people that get fairly angry in each other’s proximity. Finally got up and did some morning things.

Went out and got a new mouse that I wanted – nice little thing, and it does the job.

Beat the lunch crowd by a few minutes to the local diner, and got my late brunch, and sat downa nd relaxed for a bit.

Tried to reach a friend on Skype, but I guess the wireless spot I was connected to crapped out on me. Oh well.

So now I’m off to find the Astor Place Hair place – I hear good things about it. I need a hair cut as well as a good shave, so I figure I’ll sit down, close my eyes and let them go to town.

Wish me luck.