A shout goes out to all…

Are one of us?

Do YOU qualify?

I’m sure that if you yourself don’t, you at least know someone who does.

What, you are asking yourself, does he mean by one of “us”??

I am an Anglo-Saxon, born to first-generation USA parents, and early on, my family uprooted and came here. I’ve been here over 15 years. I hold dual citizenship with both the USA and Israel. I am fluent in both languages. I served in the Israeli Air Force for my full 3 years. I have both Anglo and Israeli friends.

Am I still an American? Or am I an Israeli? Where is MY country?

I am what I describe a hybrid, or a person of multiple worlds, yet member of none.

I am no longer an “American”. About 8 months ago, I popped over to NYC for two weeks, and had a chance to rove the city. I am not one of them. Yes, I speak unaccented English, and I know most of the cultural references, but I’m not part of them.

I came back, and it was immediately clear to me that I’m not an Israeli either. I speak unaccented Hebrew, and I know the country well, and hell, I can even out-haggle at the Shuk, but I’m not one of them.

Where do I, more importantly, WE, belong?

I’ve tried relationships with both Anglos and Israelis, but never with a hybrid. I guess we’re THAT different. I have friends that have made it work for them, but why should we have to make that much of an effort? Is it too much to ask that we be with our own kind?

I have created an LJ community here: Feel free to join, or just hang out.

I look forward to seeing y’all there.

  • kmelion

    feel like getting together Wednesday?

  • kahnman

    Cool idea, although I don’t really consider myself MW.
    But then I have never really belonged anywhere, so maybe that’s it.

    You might want to edit that post, and use the <lj comm=mwpeeps&gt tag () instead of “lj user” (). It’s cool that the link still works though. YAY LJ.

  • miketheman

    barring any explosions.

  • kmelion

    There’s a food fair in the Midrachov tonight….what say we meet there and walk from there to Bell Park?

    Say meet at Steve’s Packs at 5:45-ish and go from there…I need to buy sandals there anyway.

  • chloe_blue

    Ok, Mike. I am EXACTLY in your shoes, except I figured out some stuffies.I’m neither Israeli nor American, but in America I have a lot more freedom to be unsure. Here I can be odd or not fit in or be tolerated and be an individual. I also have the opportunities I never got back in Israel.Needless to say, you dont need to BELONG anywhere, you have to create your own world to be live in. I have no doubt by now that Israel, though I love it, would have suffocated me to death.I have enough problems without everyday being a struggle to just breathe.None of us are going to find the mothership and instantly belong, on the other hand, 2 weeks in New York does not an America make.BTW guess who this is. 😛

  • miketheman


    I know who you are! 🙂

    It took me a bit, “Chloe” threw me WAYYYYYY off.

    But how’s it going? Welcome to the gang.

  • chloe_blue

    Why thank you kindly, sir