New thingy for me

Well, thanks to a new friend, , I now have a little “When did I quit” on my user info page, as well as posting it here:

QuitMeter Counter courtesy of

This essentially counts time from a “when” until now, and calculates the difference.
Nice, and useful.
Since May. Whoa.

On another note, my show is going well, and some people have already come to see it (and by some people I mean a lot of people have come to see it, but not that many that I know).
I am looking forward to next week, as it looks promising in many ways.
1. Sunday night – after the show, probably going dancing with Shannon again.
2. Monday night – auditioning for a part in a Shakespearean play, being directed by: Shannon!
3. Tuesday night – another show. Chance to see Shannon.
4. Wedensday night – couples dancing with Shannon.
5. Thursday, Friday & Saturday – shows. Seeing Shannon more and more.
6. Sunday – callbacks from the auditions. Pretty sure I’m going to ace it, so it’s another chance to see Shannon!.

Now, to the untrained eye I have just rambled on, but to the more careful reader, I have been smitten. And yes, I feel like a puppy. Bring on the comments.
I really like this lady. She’s awesome in so many ways, yet so unpredictable, such a mystery. Despite the irregulatiy of it all, I haven’t spoken to her about this yet. The universe has shifted power zones, and it’s to the point that has a girlfriend, and I’m the miserable sot who bemoans his fate at home.
I must break this vicious cycle. The universe cannot overpower me! For I am the Master of Destiny!

  • angeleyes1701

    I am very much agreeing on this. You need a girl. And the universe has shifted powers in the past few months, hasn’t it? And I thought I was the only one who noticed.

  • cogitationitis

    I was wondering if you had a girlfriend, and if not, why not. Good luck.

  • joshbrown

    You and Shannon? I can’t see it … maybe I just have to see the two of you together or something …

  • miketheman

    I don’t think Shannon is as who you remember. She’s changed a lot in the past coule of years, I’m told.
    Watch this journal for updates. 😉
    I’d LIKE them to be extremely positive.

  • miketheman

    … are beyond mine own control.
    The who’s and how’s however, these are choices, and historically speaking, have been atrocious. One reason I am so damned afraid of actually _asking_ her out. I don’t want to possibly kill whatever interest she may/may not have.
    Confound it! The confusion!
    I resolve to ask her out tonight. (Will update LJ with resolution to make it more “real”).

  • kahnman

    You could resort to Scientific Proof [Tm] on why you can’t find a girl-friend, ( pointed that gem out, and you simply MUST read the email linked to at the end of the article).

    Best of luck with the smitten-nessa!

  • miketheman

    Now THAT’s just too funny.
    Reading and doing the math, it’s too true, and even makes sense that numbers are even lower for someone who my characteristics are even more defined.
    But who knows? In this unending madness, how DO two people find each other? Is it one big compromise?

  • cogitationitis

    I met my husband through volunteering at a con; and have met other guys through school, friends, and parties, in approxmately that order of success. Find something you like to do that is a group activity, go do it, and be friendly. That said, it was usually me chasing them, but that’s just the kind of guy I go for, and person I am; most women aren’t like that.

    My husband used to have a friend who would bemoan the fact that he never met women. His hobbies were biking (a lone activity) and kayaking (a lone activity, unlike canoeing).

  • miketheman

    … I’m actually one of the more active people I know. I try to get out as much as possible and sometime even bemoan the fact that I have no time for taking care of stuff around the house.
    Truth is, I’d rather NOT file paperwork or calculate figuers at home. I’d rather party!
    But in the end, I try to stay active and meet more and more people.
    Too many people have been introduced to me saying, “Oh, so YOU’RE the Mike we’ve heard so much about”…….

  • kahnman

    I should certainly hope NOT! What I do think happens, is that with time, as we become more self-aware, and self-assured, is that we learn that so many Things We Wouldn’t Live Without [Tm] in a [long-term] partner (or conversely, Things We Refuse to Change), are NOT Really That Important [Tm]. So, no, I don’t think this is compromising so much as Cutting Out The Crap we hold onto so religiously, due to our own gained maturity.

    The problems begin, when we refuse to mature. As such people become more and more Set in Their Ways [Tm], making it harder and harder for them to actually adapt to any other person but themselves. Pity, that.

    Finding that Other Person, is indeed a minor miracle of sorts. But most often, we have to find ourself first!

  • cogitationitis

    Very well put.

    Part of it is knowing oneself, including your own personal needs; part exposure (to opportunity); and part bravery–seeing what you want and making it happen. Add in a bunch or trial-and-error and a lot of patience, and you’ve got a recipe for a chance to find a mate.

    There is one key ingredient to a good relationship: start–and stay–friends. All else is secondary.