Tickets have been ordered…

Caveat Emptor!
The final line-up for Thursday’s THHGTTG viewing at the Rav Chen theater, 7:30pm is:
, , & , myself & Shannon.
Have cash ready ASAP. Bring a towel, this is required!
I understand that everyone except myself and Shannon will probably be at the / BBQ until the show, so please all show up at the same time.
I am still working on the logistics of making it there on time with Shannon, as a previous engagement end at 7pm. 🙁
Looking forward to sharing the experience!

  • cogitationitis

    It wasn’t a bad movie, but there was a whole plot-line that I think Adams would have frowned on. They should have stuck to the book/script better. Also, Ford once says “Belgium,” and the swear is never explained.

  • joshbrown

    … but I don’t have a non-meat grill, so everything I cook will involve meat. I will try to get a grill so that I could make vegetarian stuff on it, but only if you are coming. Interested?

  • miketheman

    … as you know, I’m not one to whom a missed meal wouldn’t do a world of good.
    Don’t bother with another grill, if I drop by, I’ll manage.
    But thanks anyways.