Happy Independence Day

I’m not going to wax philosophical about Independence Day, that’s not what I do.
Tuesday was my last day at my job as a Tech Support Engineer. I’m not too sorry to see the last of the job.
I’m sure I’ll miss the people and camaraderie that I have developed there over the last year and a half, but I get to move on now.
Last night, Shannon accompanied me on a final prank on my old boss. We waited until the office was empty, went on up and inflated about 100 balloons and dumped them around my boss’s seat.
After that, we had a nice snack at the “Coffee Mill” on Emek, and then went dancing until I was ready to fall off my feet.

Yesterday, I was offered a role in series of short plays, by David Ives. It’s a short called “Babel’s in Arms” from the “Time Flies” show, and it’s the story of two brawny construction workers, tasked with building the Tower of Babel.
Now, I read thru it, and it’s pretty funny and ridiculous, however the director wants me to act alongside a woman in the role of the other brawny construction worker (which is not true to the original). I have no problem with the fact that women can do hard labor, in fact I promote it! Let them do all the work, dammit. 🙂 But there’s just some things that guys do and say when they’re hanging out as guys, things you would never do around a woman, no matter how tomboy or tough she might be.
That’s pretty much my main concern with taking this part – not that my opposite wouldn’t be able to play a convincing role, but that I might not be able to play off of a female character like I would a male one.

We’ll see.

For especially – and anyone else the rest of you might know in the field –
Graphic Designer (CJI-01)

Updated: 11-May-2005

Description: GUI design for applications and products
Creative design portion of marketing projects (site, newsletters, banners, advertising, etcetera)
Branding design elements for mobile products as well as Web and print materials
Design and produce print and trade show materials, including magazine ads, brochures, data sheets, CD ROMS, booth collateral, sales packets, etcetera

Requirements: At least 4 years experience as senior level designer
Fluent on the PC in both vector and bitmap applications
Illustration and 3D skills
Basic HTML skills
Macromedia Flash skills
Familiarity and experience with mobile and wireless device