So tonight leaves me with mixed feelings.
Today was a nice day, I got to the office really late, got some stuff done, and left early to go to a really cool wedding.
Everyone was there. A large amount of people who read this were there, and you’ll forgive me for not enumerating you, as I am typing this with one thumb on my handheld.
Tamar and Assaf were both lovely, and it was a wedding to remember.
The company was fantastic, and the music was great. Dancing up a storm, having a grand time with everyone.
Being as the wedding was way out in the middle of nowhere, I had arranged to stay at Joe’s & Josh’s parents place in Ra’anana, as they were both there as well.
The ride back was OK, but when I arrived to the city, the main street was covered with water. Now, to a car, this isn’t as problematic, but on my bike, I slowed down considerably.
At one of the last junctions before I arrived, the light was red, so I began to slow down.
Apparently not enough.
I wiped out, and slid a good 3-4 meters, with my left leg trapped under the handlebar. My only thought was: “Son of a bitch!” and think I might have actually yelled that out loud.
A guy who pulled up a the light helped me get free, and then helped me lift my bike up. By then, a bunch of kids hanging out had gathered around, and started making unhelpful suggestions, like “Do you want us to call an ambulance?” and “You should sue the city!” ad nauseum.
With my left leg hurting like hell, my left mirror now dismantled, and one of my brights dangling, I set back on track to my destination.
My leg hurts like hell, and that is the singular event that mars this entire evening.
My leg hurts like a bitch.

  • darkesta


    What a terrible ending to an excellent night. Be well, feel well.

  • avgboojie

    Ouch, Mike. Sorry to hear that. Hope you’ll be feeling better soon.
    Well, as you were saying earlier, “riding a bike is like flirting with death.” Well, I guess that as part of your flirting with her, this one can be already considered first base. 😛

  • mrlightning

    keep us posted

  • tinkerbell1980

    that when the pain goes away all you will have left will be the memory of a good day and a fun wedding.

  • egypt_princess

    Err, I told someone I like the way you dance/move – and now look what happened!

  • miketheman

    I will, given time.

  • miketheman

    I’d really hate to see what second base is all about. 😛

  • miketheman

    Hey’ I’m always up for a compliment – especially when it’s not told to me. 😉 I’m sure there was nothing inherently karmic about your compliment causing my spill. The city of Ra’anana is to blame, simple as that.

    I’ll be back dancing pretty soon, you can be sure. Nothing like a brush with mortality to remind you of life.

    If you’re ever in my neck of the woods, give me a buzz, we’ll get some coffee, ok?

    Food for thought: “Your karma ran over my dogma”.

  • avgboojie

    That joke again? Don’t you ever learn? You’re still trying to get me to spray you with water, right? 😛

    [This message brought to you curtesy the highly educational site, “Don’t spit, swallow“.]

  • antongarou

    No Mike, it’s simply the your karma broke down:)

  • miketheman

    My line was funny.
    Seeing as I don’t have a “kar”…. it couldn’t break down.
    And my bike didn’t break down, just skidded.

  • miketheman

    Hey, she hadn’t heard it, and making you laugh that hard is its own reward.

  • avgboojie