So, my first podcast is up!

Feel free to point your podcatcher (or iTunes 4.9!) to: for a glimpse into the real life. If you don’t have a podcatcher, you can click the link and download the MP3 manually.
Comments, suggestions and even voicemaill (+1-206-888-MIKE) are welcome, so feel free to drop me anything.

  • avgboojie

    Oh, no, there’s Nir even there!
    Cool. A bit, well, to use your own words, hmm, lethargic… But that’s probably an effect of the first time. 🙂
    It seems that you were playing with the sound or something, because Joe’s voice suddenly starts sounding remote and weak at a certain point.
    Anyway, cool. Congrats! I can’t promise I’ll keep on listening to you (I just don’t have the time for stuff that doesn’t really allow for multitasking), but I do hope you’ll go on enjoying it.