Day 4 of the agony that must continue endlessly

Well, in response to my previous post, I’m so happy to know soooo many people would gladly help me figuratively kick the bucket. It’s great to know I can count on you, people.
The test results came in today, and confirmed the suspicions that I do indeed have both mono and tonsillitis (more commonly known as strep throat).
So antibiotics begin, and I hope they do something soon, otherwise I’m going to be extremely unhappy.
Everyone’s been so full of well-wishing and stuff, as well as adding their advice and personal experiences. Thanks, everyone. It may not physically ease my pain, but it’s good to know that a lot of you have been in pain before! Muhahaha!
was nice enough to drop by yesterday at my behest and bring me a sandwich that I was craving. It took me forever to eat the damn thing, as I had to chew so long that my jaw started to hurt, but it tasted great. Aroma’s fried halumi cheese on whole wheat bread. Mmmm. He was also nice enough to wash my dishes, even though the majority of them were ‘s, but thus continues the eternal roommate battle. Thanks, Joe.
Here’s to hoping that tomorrow will bring better feelings.

  • avgboojie

    Don’t kick the bucket!!!

    (Boojie, looking after her own interests.)

    Be well, dear.

  • joshbrown

    You sure there isn’t anything I can do to help? And I am being 100% serious here, man.

  • soundguy

    Well… Get well soon…
    I had mono when I was in the army, and not only i felt like hell, they didn’t want to send me home, misdiagnosed my sickness, and gave my the miracle IDF drug: Achamol !

    Stop complaining and take it like a soldier man !
    Actually, don’t. relax and know that we’re with you in spirit. Speaking of spirits, Alcohol helps soar throats. A doctor told me that.

  • anonymous

    Feel better soon.

    From the former stage wife one of your Veronian rabblerousers.