Late night blues

Well, another weekend has gone by.
Today was kinda fun. A friend of and I dropped by, after having been to the movies, and stuck around to watch yet another movie, for free, at our place. The kids seem to always be beating each other up. As the youngest sibling to older sisters, I was the one always being beat up. I guess it’s more fun if you can hold your own against the older forces of evil.
I’ve been working on my movie database, as this is one project which I actually mean to complete, as some future date, depending how bored I am between other things.
It’s kind of an essentiality, as I can’t move the files off of my hard drives before they’re properly entered into the database, and logged of tehir location. I’m coming across so many duplicate CD’s, that I have no idea what I’m going to do with. Trade them for blanks? Any takers?
Anyways, back to the database.