Early morning thoughts….

Ah, the joys of morning.
Now, don’t get me worng, I’m not a morning person, however, sometimes I enjoy the morning rituals.
I get into the office, after having a good shower & shave, feeling good, and head over to the kitchen to brew a pot of mocha coffee.
After that’s been started, I grab a large cup (a lá Friends) and fill it with milk.
Head back to my office, sit down and fill the full cup with cornflakes.
Start checking my emails, sign in to Messengers (7 in all, thanks to Trillian!) and get grabbed to discuss something or other by someone.
Open Winamp, and grab a nice morning station, like LiveIreland, playing some beautiful music to work to.

It’s too early for the fit to hit the shan, but be assured that this will happen, and probably more than once before mid-day.

On the ride here, I was thinking (as I am prone to do) about what abilities I no longer have since my childhood. I can’t dive into a pool headfirst anymore. I’ve forgotten how. No more hand/head-stands, and actually putting my foot in my mouth. I can’t touch my toes anymore, as my hamstrings are WAY too tight.
I’m sure there’s more, but these struck me as abilities I wish I still had.