2004 Review

Well, I decided to review all my LJ entries and make a listing of highlights of this past year. They are not listed in level of important, only sequentially.

1. Having a Job
2. “Oliver!” – Beit Hillel
3. “What’s Wrong with This Picture?” JEST – casted and dropped
4. “Pirates of Penzance” JEST – pit crew
5. “Romeo & Juliet” CST – Prince Escalus
6. More Job ranting and disapproval
7. Fantasy.Con 2004 – digital media
8 .Quit Smoking
9. CannaBrownies
11.Icon2004 – digital media
12.Cooking – Chili at Shaiel’s
13.Touching Linux – and failing
14.Finally answered ‘s questions
15.”HaKeves….” CST – The father figure
16.Cooking – Friday night dinner – Lasagna and garlic
17.SHANNON in my life.

I’m going to have to go with number 17 as the most important of the year.

I challenge you all to figure out a relatively short list of what you did this year, higlights only! Single Line!