This post is WAY overdue…

Let me start off that this is about the third time I’ve sat down and tried to write this post. “Forgive me LJ, for I have sinned. It has been almost a month since my last posting.”
So many self-imposed distractions have just been a lot easier than actually dealing with it.
To state it clearly, Shannon and I are no longer together.
About three weeks ago, there was the Lag Ba’Omer SCA event in Ashkelon. Earlier that day, I had gone to Shannon’s graduation event at Hebrew U, where I sat with her folks, and we had a nice time and were all happy for her to graduate and after that we all went out to dinner. Needless to say, I felt way underdressed, as I was wearing a nice polo shirt, and they were all decked out in evening dress, despite the heat.
After dinner, she and I drove down to Ashkelon, and had a nice time schmoozing around the late night fire, and as we left I was supposed to stay awake as it was late so she could drive with another set of eyes to watch the road etc. etc. Due to the late hour and my physical state, I did doze off once or twice, but then at some point I woke up and stayed awake. She was quite upset with me, and I could feel it becoming an obstruction between us, even though she didn’t say anything.
The next afternoon I called and left a message on her machine apologizing and telling her that I wanted to talk, see her, etc. etc. No response.
On Saturday afternoon she came over to my place, as I was sitting down with some food with a friend, and wanted to go for a walk or something, and I told her that I was far from presentable, but that she was welcome to come in, and we went into my room for some privacy and talk.
She dropped the bombshell. “We have too many differences, and that will probably hurt us more much later on in a relationship than if we end it now” she said. I sat there, speechless, and I figured that if she had already made up her mind, then that was it.
We had been together for five and a half months, and now it’s over. The most serious relationship I had ever been in, with someone I think I really loved, and still do, even though it is apparently not meant to be. It’s been a rough few weeks, and I think I’m on the bounce back. I’ve been keeping myself busy as to think about it less, but inevitable avoidance can not persist indefinitely. So here I am, confronting myself at this godawful hour. It’s over, and that’s it

On a lighter note, the last time I posted was after I had purchased my Kawasaki EN500 1997 custom bike, and I had yet to ride. Well, since then I have clocked up a decent amount of mileage, and have some pictures to add here, behind this

Larger images are available upon click.

This is me, after the maiden voyage to work, after I got lost on the highway, and tangled with airport security.

Here I am, all armored up, and ready to take on the world.

This was taken at Shilat Junction on th 443, here I frequently stop for coffee and gas on the way to work.

Last weekend, Dan and I went riding, he’s got the same model bike (with slight differences) that I have, and here we are side by side.

And here’s Dan on his lonesome.

So ladies, I’m back on the auction block, place your bids. 🙂 They tell me I’m a good catch.