Only you, Mike, only you

So this Friday I had spent a good hour and a half cleaning my bike, which is a very relaxing activity, as it is fairly mindless and also allows for instant gratification of a job well done.
Saturday morning, I was up early and wrote my previous post, and then I decided that I wanted to eat pancakes for breakfast. But since I am one lazy person, I wasn’t about to start making pancakes, but I knew that there was a place somewhere in the central/northern region where good pancakes can be had at all hours, as I had been there once with a group of friends after a late night party. Remembering where is was wasn’t easy, as I was probably drunk or stoned or both at the time, and the memory only consisted of how damn good the pancakes were.
So, armed with the Internet, I found it here. Calculating the distance, it’s about a 100km drive each direction.
So I set out and it took me about an hour or so to make it there, and I sat and had my breakfast of wonderful pancakes. Mmmmm. I’m going back sometime soon.
After breakfast, I deliberated whether or not to continue north to Haifa, or head back down south towards home. I decided to head down Road 57, which passes thru quite a few moshav areas, especially Tnuvot, where some friends of mine live.
I was very proud of myself, having found their place on my own, having been there only once before, and that was guided by someone driving and knowing the way. Unfortunately, they were out, probably on their own bike trip on his BMW beast.
So I continued on to Highway 6 (electronic toll!), where I actually managed to get up to never before speeds of 150-160km/h. At 160, which is the listed top speed for my bike, I decided to ease off a little, as it was making me a little uneasy. The road is great, and the scenery is beautiful.
I got off the highway and headed towards Latrun, where a friend of mine work at a museum of sorts there, and spent some time with him, while waiting for a friend to join me there for lunch.
After lunch, we headed back to Jerusalem on the 443 to stroll around Gan Sacher to enjoy the sunshine.
All in all, I did about 300km in one day. A first for me.
Having a vehicle makes all the difference.