A quick chat transcript

10 minute chat transcript of an interesting conversation with someone pretty insightful.

[28/10/2006 12:20] miketheman: everyone wants something, needs something, urgently, now now now, and who gets to handle it?
[28/10/2006 12:21] friend: God? he is the one getting all the requests? doens’t he?
[28/10/2006 12:22] miketheman: yeah – but he’s got a lot of minions that he employs to handle things, and he MUST have some good infrastructure and request tracker system – and anyways, when was the last time you heard of him actually delivering?
[28/10/2006 12:24] friend: he has no tracker system or that shit. The guy consistently makes a bad job, and his delivery is a question of faith.
[28/10/2006 12:24] friend: i.e. that your solution lies in faith – you need to make everyone religious
[28/10/2006 12:24] friend: or to worship you.
[28/10/2006 12:25] miketheman: so what you’re saying is that I need to make everyone worship me so I can then treat them with indifference and never really listen to what they need?
[28/10/2006 12:26] friend: exactly – or at least burn them from time to time, make them die in wars and plagues..and here comes the good part…
[28/10/2006 12:27] friend: the idiots will keep calling you again and again for help no matter how bad you did…
[28/10/2006 12:27] friend: it’s an amazing start-up
[28/10/2006 12:27] miketheman: Is there any hope? A light at the end of the tunnel, that is NOT an arriving train?
[28/10/2006 12:28] friend: I hope so.
[28/10/2006 12:29] friend: Really.