Moving? Sell some stuff.

As promised, here is the short list of items I have for sale at this time – as everything else is either spoken for, or not worth mentioning.

Firstly, the important stuff, the booze. All closed bottles, most purchased within the past year or so by myself or friends going through Duty Free.

Then I have some professional sound recording equipment:

  • M-Audio Delta 44 – Professional 4-In/4-Out Audio Card – PCI Interface; Asking price: $90
  • Two Alto Alpha MICTube – 2-Channel Preamp – Stereo Tube; Asking price: $60/each or $100 for both
  • 4 dynamic microphones, 2 desk stands, cables etc – $20 for the lot of them, or they can be added to other items for a “bundle” deal.

All prices are in USD, and are negotiable. All sales are final. Caveat emptor, whatever the hell that means. 🙂 Questions are welcome – try to keep them threaded (“reply to this comment” links below each comment).

Everything must be picked up by Friday June 1st, noon, as I’m leaving pretty soon after that.

If you drop by before then, you may have the option to sort through piles of CD’s for grab stuff before it hits the trash can. Tons of good ol’ stuff. Hate to see it go, but I can’t carry it all over.

So come on over, and have a good time!