Job opening

My company is looking to fill the following position:

Job Description:
MobiMate Ltd is looking for a MIS person. We are looking for someone interested in working with top edge Mobile technology and software; a committed team player aspiring to grow with the company. The candidate should combine excellence in work, service and human relations. The work consists of providing MIS services to the company, as well as assisting to develop the company’s future products.
An inherent part of the work will be acquire knowledge of our company’s technology and products; while being required to work with the latest mobile/PDA devices and contribute to a young and lively team.

– Service oriented
– Linux OS installation, administration and maintenance.
– Windows OS administration
– Familiar with SQL and databases
– Self learner and open minded.
– Independent in work

– Specific experience with RedHat, Ubuntu, MySQL, Directory servers, Tomcat or JBoss administration
– Knowledge of servers’ security
– Scripting knowledge
– Good written English
– Experience in building IT infrastructure
– Acquaintance with mobile/PDA devices and technology.

CVs should be sent to [email protected]

Blog, rolling and more…

So now that I have this new blog, and I’ve chosen a nice simple, clean theme and adapted it to my tastes (so far), it’s time to get down with the nitty gritty of getting the “real” content in.

I’m looking for a good WordPress-compatible image/gallery plugin, one that will actually work. I’m open to any kind of PHP-based gallery, as long as there’s a decent plugin for WordPress 2.0. Any ideas, anyone?

So now I have the option to place pretty much any links I want on my site, and the social conundrum of a “blogroll“, I am going to add some links to anyone with a blog/LJ/site to rant/whatever. Drop a link if you want one posted. I’ll always appreciate a link back. (Tricky part about LJ’s – any friends-locked posts will not show at all.)
The lovely Silvia has asked why Bill Gates has never done any kind of “The Apprentice” TV show. All speculations are welcome.

New blogging capabilities

So I have this new blog, y’see?

And when I post, it get placed nicely at the top of my posts – just like in the past.

But now I have more abilities, capabilities, and when I post, it fires my post over to my LJ as well.

So go ahead and update your bookmarks/favorites/blogrolls/binary address files with my new address: [](

I expect to be a little more active soon, as now that I have a proper blog.

Also, here’s a nice little clip of our dear Michael Richards, aka Cosmo Kramer of Seinfeld infamy, losing his mind. Continue reading New blogging capabilities

More on the remote usage…

So there ain’t nothing quite like sitting at home on the couch – which is nice and comfy – and watching “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” while happily typing away and setting up a nice new linux server at work, all remotely.
Oh, and sipping some nice cognac, too.

And then i get a call from the office at 11:30pm informing me that some crucial data has been left out of a product that they are supposed to be completing today.
So I Alt+Tab to another window, discuss the problem and figure out what is needed to resolve it, and then set a few pieces of code to run and do a whole lot of work for me. (This is being written while that runs in the background!)
After these are done, I’ll email the files to the office and they will incorporate them into the product and continue the process from there.

Mobilization is grand!

Wireless-enabled and more…

So today I spent the day at the office, as usual, and I completed X amount of work.
After leaving, instead of going home, I stopped at a nice wireless-enabled cafe and continued to handle issues from there, emails, VPN, etc.

I feel like in the three hours I spent there I completed X+40% more work in a much shorter amount of time.

What does this mean? That I am more productive away from the office than actually when I am there?

Catching up…

So it’s been a while since I’ve even opened my LJ’s pages and follow up on what people are doing.

Over the past 2 days I have done just that, and it’s fun to watch things develop and happen, things that I had no idea about, no clue and then try to piece together reality again.

I did not make it to iCon this year, for a couple of reasons, which I won’t elaborate on here. If you know why, good for you.
I did, in fact, miss seeing everyone, even though I got a post-con visit from a couple of friends who particularly missed me. That was pleasant.

Thanks to the technology of this Internet thingie, a lot of people have posted pictures and videos, but I don’t know if anyone has seen this one. And yes, I do believe the main focus silhouette is .

It is my feeling that the annual iCon Festival has turned into jsut that. It is no longer a “convention” – where like-minded people convene and meet and discuss, explore and disagree loudly about any topic under the sun. (Yes, I’m sure this still happens, but is no longer the focus.) It is a full-blown commercialized event, and is now a film festival, like we don’t have any of those ever.

My image of iCon was a large meeting of people from different backgrounds, different streams of life, different preferences of entertainment media and genres, and a common place where one can be exposed to more that what they are used to, other sides of a similar or dissimilar concept, a place that no matter how weird you are, there’s bound to be someone weirder right around the corner.

Some of you remember the early con’s. Some of you were there, active and kicking to make it bigger, better. The sheer amount of background chatter I have heard about the pre-con preparation, the suring-con stuff, and not much of post-con issues have been written about yet, make me wonder wht the future will bring. For the past 2-3 years, the organizations have been struggling to find people that will take on the enourmous responsibility of running such an event. It seems to pretty much everyone that no matter what, at least one person will continue to be a major part of the game. Is this a good thing? Yes and no. Experience teaches you a lot, but once a bad habit has set in, it’s much harder to break.

I don’t know where this rant is going. All I know is that I used to be a major player and I am in no longer. I can sleep easier, but there’s a certain amount of “oomph” that seems lacking.