“Get outta my way, I’m trying to post here!”

Ok, so I’m sitting here in the Village Green, a nice restaurant downtown Jerusalem, waiting for my breakfast.
Why am I here, you ask? Why am I not at work? Well I’ll tell you.
Last night on my way home I stopped at the driving school that is accross the street from my house. Went in, sat down, and requested information regarding obtaining a driver’s license – for a motorcycle.
So they explained the procedure and the steps involved. They also sold me a study book to work on so I can take the written exam when ready.
This morning, instead of going to work, I went downtown, got my picture taken and a nice form detailing my info. Then I took this form across the street where I took a very basic eye exam that confirmed that I can see. Then to the next room where a doctor asked me to fill out a list of yes/no questions, then reviewed them and filled in another list of questions and then asked me simply – “Are you feeling well?” My response was apparently sufficient for him to pronounce me medically fit to drive a motorcycle.
After that paid luxury was over, I headed further into the city in search for a time killer until I have to be at my dentist’s appointment at 11.
So I fell in on the Village Green, had wonderful breakfast deal – only 32 NIS! – and here I am typing away on my Palm.
Wish me luck, and if all goes well, I could have a license in under a month! Getting a bike might pose a problem…..

  • mrlightning

    Being a biker is so you, so good luck and i’ll start looking for black leather for your hog…

  • schniff

    That does sound like the missing piece in the Mike puzzle.
    But less than a month? You do want to learn how to drive it, don’t you? Unless you already do, which would also make sense….

  • miketheman

    I figure that even if I never get a really heavy bike (Harley-style) I’ll get past that point where the universe knows something that I don’t.
    Hopefully when I’m mobile and such I’ll come visit y’all.

  • miketheman

    There’s a puzzle? I’m so proud!
    Apparently you are only required to take about 15 lessons, and I’m fairly good with balancing and stuff. So I am fairly certain that I’ll all work out in the end.

  • schniff

    People are like puzzles to me. Or some other game. Some are just toys.
    Actually, most of humanity is the little annoying stuff you find in Chips bags. So you should be proud!

  • joshbrown

    Yeah, I can see it.
    Worry about it, and the state of all traffic in the Middle East as a result of it, also yes.
    But I can definitely see it.