A great morning song….

So today I passed my written (theory) driving exam.
It’s a pass/fail – they don’t tell you if and what you got wrong, which isn’t that great of an idea, let me tell you.
Now I have 8 more driving lessons, and then a driving test. Unfortunately, taking a day off for the exam and scheduling 2 lessons for today didn’t work out – my instructor’s wife is giving birth – so I’ve scheduled the last 4 for Tuesday, Wednesday this week. Due to my boss being out of the office from Thursday, I won’t be able to take any lessons until he’s back, end of next week. At that time, I should probably be done with it, and hopefully get my license on Thursday.
No promises, but if that happens, I must celebrate! This has taken far longer than most motorcycle students, due to the crappy weather, scheduling conflicts, etc. It should soon be over, and then I have to investigate purchasing my own bike (and all the other stuff that comes with owning a bike).
Oh, another thought – anybody have a good idea how to break the news to the family? My eldest sister knows – she’s cool, but mom’ll just have a heart attack. I do NOT need more Jewish guilt that she is so capable of doling out.
Ideas, anyone?

  • ethan1701

    tell your family you’re gay, and dating a nigerian foreighn worker who’s here without a lisece. Then, after your mom regains contiousness, tell her you were kidding. and that you have a bike.
    It’s all a question of proportions…

  • cogitationitis

    Well, you can either tell her–after all, what can she realistically do but play word games?–or not. Just not mention it. Say you got a bike, and she’ll think it’s the unmotorized kind. Again, what can she do? It’s not like they’re visiting constantly.

    You wouldn’t believe the stuff I hid from my parents.

  • miketheman

    (coughing fit)
    Um, I don’t think I can tell her some of that, seeing as you may have missed this post. After that, I don’t know if I can use that excuse anymore.

  • miketheman

    Ah. But at some point, I’m going to drive out there, and show up on their doorstep, no?
    And what age did you hide stuff from them? Or do you still?

  • cogitationitis

    Let me state, flat out, that I never lie. Well, hardly ever. However, I have been known to offer incomplete or unrelated information, and let people draw their own (misguided) conclusions. I suppose lying to one’s parents comes naturally, a fact that I learned when my daughter was not yet two: if she yelled, “Mommy, I pooped!” (or Daddy) right after we’d put her to bed and turned out the lights, she knew it guaranteed a few extra minutes of parental time. (She still finds excuses to stay up after lights out.)

    I think I began to systematically decieve my parents seriously when I was in high school–going to parties when they thought I was babysitting, staying out (almost) all night when they left my brother (3 years older) and I home alone, having a party while they were off for the weekend–all the usual teen stuff. I was never caught, as far as I remember. However, by that time I’d also realized that my parents were seriously mentally fucked, as compared to most of my friends’ parents. But that’s another story.

    Fans are not born; they’re made by their parents.

  • kahunadoctor

    If it’ll hurt Jewish mom to know – and really – she doesn’t need to know – then there’s no reason to tell them.