A great morning song….

So today I passed my written (theory) driving exam.
It’s a pass/fail – they don’t tell you if and what you got wrong, which isn’t that great of an idea, let me tell you.
Now I have 8 more driving lessons, and then a driving test. Unfortunately, taking a day off for the exam and scheduling 2 lessons for today didn’t work out – my instructor’s wife is giving birth – so I’ve scheduled the last 4 for Tuesday, Wednesday this week. Due to my boss being out of the office from Thursday, I won’t be able to take any lessons until he’s back, end of next week. At that time, I should probably be done with it, and hopefully get my license on Thursday.
No promises, but if that happens, I must celebrate! This has taken far longer than most motorcycle students, due to the crappy weather, scheduling conflicts, etc. It should soon be over, and then I have to investigate purchasing my own bike (and all the other stuff that comes with owning a bike).
Oh, another thought – anybody have a good idea how to break the news to the family? My eldest sister knows – she’s cool, but mom’ll just have a heart attack. I do NOT need more Jewish guilt that she is so capable of doling out.
Ideas, anyone?